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Chocolate carries the charm of happiness from palate to soul with its magical taste. If you are curious about different taste components while pampering yourself with this unique flavor, chocolate truffles are just for you. Small chocolate balls, also known as truffles, resemble the dance of cocoa with the soft texture of ganache. Thus, chocolate truffles with a unique taste come out. If you want to do yourself a favor or share the feeling of happiness brought by these tiny treats with those around you, you should definitely try chocolate truffles. So, what are the tips for chocolate truffles to be the best?


A few details in making chocolate truffles is to enhancing the taste to the top. Keeping the chocolate truffles balls in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour before serving will allow the flavors to blend well. If you want to lighten the taste of ganache, which is the chocolate truffle filling, the remaining cakes and biscuits can be crumbled and mixed into the ganache while the chocolate truffles are being prepared.

The best chocolate truffles; are fully handmade, without added preservatives, sweeteners, and additives, prepared by only using the original Belgian chocolate. The inner filling of the product may contain the dominant cocoa flavor as well as the milky and hazelnut liquid content, while the outer may contain dark chocolate. It can be served with products such as chocolate truffle, chocolate-covered slice orange, and chocolate-covered stick orange.

One of the most important tricks about chocolate truffles; is to reduce the intense taste of ganache chocolate.If truffle is made of white chocolate, the amount of cream should be half as the fat content of white chocolate.

The Best Chocolate Truffles Must Have…

  • Chocolate truffles get their flavor from the intense aroma of dark couverture chocolate. First of all, the couverture chocolate must be prepared by dividing it into small pieces.

  • Milk cream should be heated to a temperature at which chocolates can melt. At this point, the chocolate should not be allowed to boil so that it does not burn.

  • For correct and delicious chocolate truffles, the ganache must be expected to warm. After waiting, it should be rested in the refrigerator (between +4 and +8 degrees) for at least one hour. In this way, it will obtain consistency.

  • At this point, one of the most important steps is to allow the flavor notes of the ganache to be revealed while shaping. Therefore, resting time in the refrigerator is very important.

Finally, for the best chocolate truffles, the chocolate ganache, which has to be constantly shaped, is to be acted quickly so that it does not lose its shape with heat.

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