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Meet the best European Chocolatiers and have a real experience of premium chocolates tantalizing your taste buds and sense of smell. Carian’s chocolatiers create their secret tastes with a long experience, meticulous care, and unprecedented perfection. Carian’s bistro, collaborate with “Melodi Cikolata” produces more than 600 different chocolates such as truffles, dragees, madlen, and candies using the finest ingredients. You can examine production process under Covid-19 rules at the below link:

For more than 2 years, Carian’s chocolate artisans have been designing chocolate products for chocolate lovers with passion and one-of-a-kind know-how. Carian’s chocolatiers use only sustainably sourced cacao beans and fresh & healthy ingredients to create their gourmet chocolates.

Driven by meticulousness and perfectionism, Carian’s Bistro crafts the dark, milk, and white chocolates using its original recipes and production techniques without using any genetically modified raw materials, chemicals, and additives. We care for your health and use only organic & natural ingredients.

We, Carian’s Bistro, attach great importance to presentation of our premium chocolates and offer gift wrapping and classy gift boxes designed for each and every occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s & Mother’s Day, etc. Carian’s gift box designers approach gifting as an art form supported by an outstanding customer service. Our goal is to offer a gifting experience not meeting but exceeding your expectations and contributing to your special moments with loved ones.

Inspired by innovation and dynamism, Carian’s Bistro Chefs dedicate themselves to crafting intricate and balanced flavors of premium gourmet chocolates, creating arts of chocolate, and designing iconic Carian’s Chocolate pieces. Each piece of chocolate is a full-size treat with creative and splendid flavors.

We enjoy offering factory tours for chocolate lovers and tourists. If you want to discover how we produce the best European chocolates and taste them, just visit our factory. Tantalizing smell of chocolate is waiting for you! Welcome in advance!


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