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The Best Valentine's Day Movies on Netflix, Amazon tv, and Apple tv

Valentine’s day is the best occasion to cuddle up with your partner and watch a full-of-love movie, especially today when the pandemic is on the rise. All you need to do is just make sure that you have a digital platform like Netflix, Amazon tv, and Apple tv and a box of Carian’s Bistro Valentine’s day Chocolate, Full of Love.

We have compiled the best Valentine’s day movies on digital platforms.

Netflix always offers something for you on Valentine’s day. 50 First Dates will cater for your needs for emotion, laugh, and warm relationship. A man, Adam Sandler, falls in love with a woman, Drew Barrymore, with short-term memory loss. Maybe what he should have done was just to treat a gourmet chocolates from Carians Bistro series for each 50 days 😊

The movie “Valentine’s Day” on Apple tv, on the other hand, is all about break-ups and make-ups of intertwined couples and singles on Valentine’s day. They face challenges associated with their love lives and struggle to find the best love. This romantic comedy invites you to the Valentine’s Day of a group of Los Angelenos with the starring of Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, and Jessica Biel.

If you are looking for more recent romance films for Valentine’s Day, To All the Boys I've Loved Before offers you a sweet and fun young adult romance where a pretend love paves the way for a real love. This film series will take you to your high school years with secret crushes and pure love.

For those in the mood for a romantic comedy, Love Guaranteed on Netflix is just a must-see film on Valentine’s day. In this romance movie, a guy wants to sue a dating app that guarantees its users will find love after failed 986 first dates. This romance comedy is best with a quality guaranteed Valentine’s day chocolate.

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