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The Best Chocolate Gifts Of 2021

Famous chocolate chef and producer Philippe Daue said, “Unlike wine, you don't have to be a professional to enjoy good chocolate. Everyone can appreciate the amazing quality chocolate if they practice to taste it properly.''

Chocolate, which is indispensable in our lives, has a quality and good one like all other food products. For this reason, we should know the properties of high quality and good chocolate and consider these features in the selection of chocolate gifts or snack selection.

How to Understand Good Quality and Good Chocolate Gifts?

Like all the products we consume during the day, we want to eat the quality and the best of chocolate. If we want to give chocolate gifts not only for ourselves but as gifts, we will be more sensitive about this issue. This means knowing the properties of chocolate that make it high quality and good. For quality and good chocolate gifts, the following features should be considered when choosing.

  • Good quality chocolate melts at body temperature and begins to melt when handled (after a few seconds).

  • This situation causes the melting temperature of cocoa butter to be 34 degrees. Besides, if the melting happens quickly, it means that the cocoa butter ratio is high.

  • Quality handmade chocolate gifts can contain many fragrances (caramel, fruit, etc.) and have a balanced fragrance aroma.

  • When the chocolate is broken, it makes a distinctive sound and this sound is caused by the crystals in the cocoa butter.

  • Chocolate gifts with good quality do not crumple. It breaks clearly. At the same time, it does not cause a sticky or oily taste in the mouth.

  • Also, it should reveal the aromas in the chocolate in the mouth. If you taste the taste of chocolate in your mouth, it means that there is vegetable oil in addition to cocoa butter in the chocolate.

  • For the chocolate gifts to be of good quality and exclusive, the cocoa ratio should be between 50% and 70%, and the sugar percentage should not exceed 30%.

Tips for Choosing Chocolate Gifts

After getting to know the chocolates, you will now have ideas about what should be considered when purchasing chocolate and choosing chocolate gifts. In this way, it is possible to choose and buy better quality chocolates. The most important factors in determining the right chocolate are the amount of cocoa, the amount of sugar, the fats it contains, and additional ingredients.


The amount of cocoa in the content of chocolate gifts gives direct information about the quality of the product. The cocoa content of quality chocolate can be around 95%. Nevertheless, chocolate produced within average limits offers the same quality in terms of taste and benefit. When buying chocolate, paying attention to buy products with at least 25% or 35% cocoa, depending on the chocolate you buy, will benefit from the benefits of cocoa, which has antioxidant properties.


Generally, half of the milk chocolates consist of sugar, whereas for dark chocolate, this ratio is determined as very little or nothing. You can consider the sugar rate according to your chocolate gift preference. If there is too much sugar in dark chocolate, you should not choose these chocolates.


Chocolate contains cocoa butter, but some chocolates contain trans-fat instead of cocoa butter to give it the same consistency. When buying chocolate gifts, it is useful to look for expressions that indicate that there is no trans-fat on the chocolate.

Choosing the best chocolate gift requires the knowledge. But you can also use a shortcut by shopping from a trusted brand. Bistrochocolates is the right address to buy chocolate gifts.

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