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Is It Healthy to Eat Melted Chocolate? 3 Tips to Avoid Chocolate Melting on Hot summer days!

Generally speaking, yes. Thanks to the antioxidant properties of cacao beans, it is safe to eat a bar of chocolate melted in your car or in transit. Melted chocolate does not necessarily go bad or spoil and pose any health threat. So, it is absolutely not dangerous to eat a premium chocolate melted inside a gift box or plastic wrapper. What about when the chocolate turns white? This is about chocolate bloom not about melting.

Melted Chocolate Bar in the Hands of a Kid

What is chocolate bloom? Is Chocolate bloom harmful to your health?

Chocolate bloom is characterized by a white-gray appearance, white sheen on the surface or a whitish film covering the chocolate. When you spot this appearance on your best chocolate, this does not mean that your chocolate has gone bad or is moldy. Chocolate bloom is not necessarily dangerous/unhealthy. It can develop in the form of sugar bloom due to moisture or fat bloom due to drastic temperature change or poor tempering. Chocolate bloom only affects the appearance and texture of chocolate, not its taste. So, if you find bloom on your chocolate bar, you can eat it with no worries!

Bars of Chocolate with White-Gray Appearance and White Film Covering on the Surface

Tips and Tricks for avoiding chocolate melting on hot summer days!

Buying chocolate in summer has always been a challenge for chocolate lovers. In addition to the quality of the chocolate bar, shipping also matters in the summertime. That is why the best chocolatiers offer no melt guarantee, same or next day chocolate delivery and use insulated shipping boxes to overcome the chocolate distribution problem. As a customer, you should look for the best chocolatiers offering cool packs for shipping or insulated shipping boxes with gel packs. The insulated Styrofoam shipping box will provide the seal that will keep your chocolate box under below 70°F (21°C), the ideal temperature for storing gourmet chocolates.

Elegant Chocolate Box in a Shipping Box with Cool Packs and Insulation

So, as a rule of thumb:

· Do not worry about eating a melted chocolate, it is completely healthy and safe to eat a melted chocolate bar.

· Chocolate bloom has an effect on the texture of chocolate, not on its flavor. No worries! You can consume a box of chocolate with bloom without compromising your health.

· Be careful when you purchase chocolate from an online shopping platform on hot summer days. Look for professional chocolate firms that are experienced in sending their chocolates in the mail, know how to stop chocolate melting in the post, and ship their chocolates in insulated shipping boxes with cool packs.


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