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Carian's Bistro Values & Policy

Carian’s Bistro Cares

Carian’s Bistro cares for you, your families, and our communities. Aware of the effect of today’s small steps on a brighter future, we are committed to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and empowerment of women. In line with good governance principles, Carian’s Bistro acts as a corporate citizen, designs its vision to the benefit of local communities, and fosters a sustainable development and production.

Sustainability Policy

Carian’s Bistro sustainability policy rests on three pillars: economic, social, and environmental sustainability. First, for more than 2 years, we plan and adopt practices supporting a long-term economic growth with no negative impact on social, environmental, and cultural aspects of the communities. Second, we support the efforts for building capacity for future generations in order to create a livable and healthy community by means of providing an equitable opportunity for each member of the community, promoting and encouraging diversity, and enhancing quality of life. We see difference as a source of strength and challenge discriminatory practices. Third, Carian’s Bistro sourcing department dedicates all its effort to maintaining a long-term quality of ingredients without compromising the environment. With our certification program, we ensure that we comply with the highest standards of sustainability.

Ethical Sourcing Policy

Carian’s Bistro is committed to upholding our ethical standards not only in the production process but also in the collaborative work with our suppliers. We are aware of our responsibilities to uphold human and labor rights and foster the well-being of workers, especially cocoa farmers. We follow high standards in our cocoa supply chain and only do business with those that respect human rights, empowers local communities, and contribute to the prosperity of cocoa farmers. Be sure that every and each cocoa bean used in the production of Carian’s Bistro chocolates is responsibly sourced with the utmost respect to the workers.

Empowerment of Women Policy

Our policy is designed to improve women’s political, social, economic, and health status, and ensure an equal participation and partnership for women. Carian’s Bistro pioneers, supports, and participates in civic involvement projects for enhancing the women’s status through literacy, education, training, and awareness. Carian’s Bistro human resources department follows a recruitment policy that ensures equal rights and opportunities for women and implement affirmative action policies for women.


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